1. Go fonts.google.com and choose the font that you want.

You can search it if you know the font or you can scroll down to choose from the variety of available fonts.

  1. Click on the Name of the font to see more.
  2. You can select or deselect if you want that font. Click the (+) Select This Font.
  3. After clicking the (+) Select This Font, A black Bar will appear on the lower right of your screen, click it.
  4. Review the font and copy the font’s name inside the embedded code.
  5. Now let’s go and add it to your website go to Appearance Font Loader.
  6. Click on the space beside the marker then add (|) then the name of the font. Click Save.
  7. To Apply it on your website, Appearance > Customize > Fonts.   



  1. In the Heading Font, choose in the drop down menu the font that you want to use.     
  2. Click Publish, for it to be applied on the website.