If you want to connect your website with his social accounts so that when he post to his Website in the blog a entry or a new release is published on the website, it is automatically shared as post to his social accounts.

  1. Go to https://ifttt.com 
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. Enter your desired username and password
  4. You will receive a notification in your email to get started.
  5. For each of the your social accounts, you will need to create a connection.
    • Hover to the upper right and click on the Profile Icon, click on My Applets
    • You can also click Home, search and click on the services that you want to connect
    • Click on Connect and you will be routed to the log.in page for each site to enter to enter your username and password.
    • After the successful log.in your social services will be link to your website.