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Site Builder Survey

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    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to better serve you. Please help us improve by taking a few minutes to tell us about your experience with the Site Builder so far.

    We appreciate your time and feedback and want to make sure we meet your expectations. As a "Thank You" for trying our Site Builder, you'll find a discount after you complete the survey.


    How did the Site Builder perform?

    N/A Awful Bad Okay Good Awesome
    Overall 012345
    Registration 012345
    Admin Panel 012345
    Page Builder 012345
    Online Store 012345
    Newsletters 012345
    Website Design 012345

    If you contacted customer support, have all inquiries been resolved to your complete satisfaction?

    If not, would you like to be contacted by support for additional assistance?

    Based on your awareness of other website builders for musicians, how does our Site Builder compare to other brands?
    Much betterBetterAbout the sameWorseMuch worse

    Why did you feel the Site Builder was better or worse than other brands?

    Please share with us a few things we could do to make the Site Builder better.

    Based on your experience with the Site Builder, how likely are you to keep your Premium Membership?
    DefinitelyProbablyMaybeProbably notDefinitely not

    Based on your experience with the Site Builder, how likely are you to recommend this product to a friend?
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    If you would like to share any additional comments or experiences about the Site Builder, enter them below.